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The company offers writing services and promises an individual approach. It is a nice chance to get a customized content from the online experts. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the company, so it’s hard to tell if it is the one you can trust.


There is no information about the company’s history so it’s difficult to say anything about its reputation. We did not find any reviews or testimonials elsewhere on the web.

Services and Guarantees

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The major writing problems the company can help you with are dissertations, theses, essays, research papers, assignment help, report writing, coursework. promises to help its clients no matter what kind of a writing conundrum they might be. As to the guarantees, there is no section of the website that would shed some light on this question. The service guarantees high-quality and plagiarism-free papers, your confidentiality and the possibility of free revisions. If you are interested in something more, you should ask them directly.

Prices and Discounts

There is no specific information on how much you will have to pay for a standard essay. To get a free quote, you need to fill out an order form that has a lot of fields. You will have to indicate the type of paper you want to get help with, subject, academic level, deadline, number of words, referencing style and the number of references you need. All of these factors have an impact on the final price. There is a way to get a discount or even earn some money. There is a limited time offer discount of 10%. If you refer a student from your college who is looking for the writing help, you will earn a percentage of the revenue. It is not for us to judge the ethical aspects here, so you can decide for yourself if it’s a good idea or not.

Quality of Services

It is difficult to judge about quality as there is no evidence of the company’s good or bad performance. There are some testimonials on the website but they do not seem convincing enough. Also, if you read the text on the website, you will notice some minor errors. It can mean two things: either the service does not have highly qualified writers to proofread it or they just think it is not important for their clients.

Customer Service

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To get a free quote, you will have to specify your personal information and fill out a pretty massive order form. Seems like too much work only to find out the price you might not be happy with and will keep searching for another service. There is a live chat option you can use to ask questions and get immediate assistance. You can also contact the company via email which will be a lot longer or call them.

Additional Features

We have not noticed any additional features. You can check up their blog if you are looking for some practical tips from the writers with years of experience. Maybe you will find something helpful there.
If you are like a majority of students across the country who dreads writing assignments from their teachers in college, you must have sought help from here and there. Have you tried, a popular essay writing service that has become popular among Australian students these days? This is an honest and unbiased review based on my own experience as I have used this service many times in the past.

The idea of writing review came to my mind when I encountered lots of my friends in college spending endless hours doing research and writing good quality essays to complete assignments given by their teachers. I thought that it was only me who faced difficulty in writing essays as my first language was not English. I now realize that there must be hundreds of thousands of students facing the same predicament as me in school and colleges. I am writing this review to help these students in choosing the right writing service for their purpose.

I was a little apprehensive at the beginning but all my fear was gone once I started to receive help and guidance in writing essays and research papers. is one of the leading writing services that has been helping students all over Australia for a long time now.

Joining process

To be eligible to receive help in writing essays, it is necessary for a student to first become a member of the website. It doesn’t take long to register with this website as all you have to do is to give your details like name, address, phone number, email ID etc. As soon as you have registered, you are eligible to upload your assignments given by your teachers.
Pricing formula
As claimed by, it is really a very affordable essay writing service. Where else would you get a high quality, 2-3 page essay that is original and free from errors for under $10. However, the company does not have a price chart to know beforehand what they will charge for a particular assignment. They ask students to upload the assignment and then they tell the price they will charge for doing it. Do not worry; the fee is rarely above $10. This is peanuts for most students who spend more money on having lunch with friends in the outdoors.

Great platform

I did not have experience of receiving help from any other essay writing service. But the procedure has been made very simple and easy by They have a form on the home page of their website which has to be filled by the student to upload an assigned task. Just give them details that they want such as subject, topic, the format required, and other guidelines issued by your teacher. They confirm within a few seconds mentioning the fee that they will charge for the assignment. If you agree, click on OK and proceed to make the payment using your credit card. Once you have made payment, they assign your task to a writer from a panel of expert writers at their disposal.

I received my first completed assignment in just 1 day through my email in the form of an attachment. I just got it printed on a piece of paper and after going through it, I submitted it to my teacher. He was highly impressed by my performance and praised me in front of other students.

Coming back to the platform, I would say that it has been developed to make it very easy for students to interact and receive help from the company. I found it smooth and easy to get help whenever I wanted. They also allow you to get answers to your queries by chat through a representative of the company.