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There has been a proliferation of essay writing services on the internet in the last decade or so. It has become very confusing for students to choose a service that is best suited to their requirements. It is the desire of most students to find a company that is affordable but does not make a compromise with quality. On both these counts, there is only one essay writing service that beats its competitor’s hands down. It is, a company that has carved a niche for itself as a high quality and cost-effective service among students. This review will bring the features of the service in front of you to allow you to take an informed decision.

As a student studying humanities in college, you have to face the burden of writing essays, research papers, dissertations, coursework, and so on. Such work can take up a lot of your time during the weekend, making it very difficult to have some fun with friends in the outdoors. Most students loathe being asked to sit down and do research at home in the evenings on weekends. If you are one of the thousands of these students, comes as a sigh of relief for you. This company is a unique combination of high quality and affordability. If you take a look at review on the net, you will find that it is the only essay writing service that enjoys love and popularity among students. This is because students not only get impressive essays written by experts but they also save money that they can utilize to having fun with friends.

Services offered presents itself as a company that offers custom written papers to students. These include dissertations, thesis papers, essays, research papers, course paper, and so on. They also provide proofreading and editing services to students. However, there is not a clear list describing the range of services provided by the company. You have to click on the link of How It Works to get down to specific services and choose the right one according to your requirements.

Pricing structure

Unlike other companies, clearly mentions its pricing formula on its website. You can expect a High School level 2-3 page essay for $10 but the rate goes up as the academic level and complexity of the topic increases. The rates for writing essays are comparable with other companies on the net. Good thing is that students can see the price soon after uploading their assignment and work begins on a task only after the student has made payment using his credit card. Advance payment is a must and no work from the company is possible unless they receive money in advance. This company actually charges per page when the academic level is high or when the complexity of topic is high.

Obtaining discounts

Many companies have fixed prices for writing essays. But is different in the sense that it offers discounts to students if they give a long deadline for their assignments. You can get lowest prices if you give a 14-day deadline for your papers. In the same way, services for writing papers with a deadline of just 4 hours prove to be the costliest. If you go through any review, you would find that they claim to give many free services such as free bibliography, free title page, and free revisions. However, these services are provided for free by most companies but they do not advertise as such.

High quality and on-time delivery

These two features of make it much sought after essay writing service among student fraternity. This means that you can rely on the services of this company as youthe know that they will deliver high-quality essays in time to submit to your teacher. The company is open on all 7 days of a week and you can request an essay even during weekend. However, we would suggest you give yourself time to go through the essay before printing it and giving it to your teacher. You can correct any mistakes if they are there in this manner. On the whole, is one of the better essay writing services available online.